General Rules:

Something to note before moving on is that, context MATTERS here. So, in certain cases, some stuff here might be able to slide should the context back it up. For example; jokingly insulting somebody is not an offense, however, continuing to jokingly insult someone after said user asked you to stop, is an offense.

  • No harassment.
    • This includes discrimination (ranging from racism to homophobia) and simple harassment which is insulting somebody to offend them.
      • Note: Should the user ask you to not do it, don't. Continuing to do so (regardless of being a joke) will be an offense.
  • No spam.
    • This ranges from creating useless pages, to spamming message walls/comments/forums.
      • Note: A page which is made as a joke, is NOT an offense to this rule, as the wikia itself revolves around being one huge joke. By this, we mean that the page needs a basis, something to build the joke on.
  • No gore or porn.
    • This includes pictures, videos and any sort of link regarding the previous 2.
  • Don't be a dick.
    • Use common sense.
  • Do not attempt to work your way around the rules.
    • Any attempt to look for a loophole to escape from an offense, will be an offense in itself, and thus punished.
  • Do not talk about depressing matters.
    • Note: Should you really need to talk with an user here, use the private messages in chat, or multi-pm should you choose many. It upsets users, so please, try to keep it private.
    • To not comply with this rule will cause a warning. Insubordination will be a ban.
  • If a subject multiple people talk about bothers you, please, don't cry all over the place because of it. There is a difference between having messages being directed at you to purposefully/deliberately upset you and people discussing stuff, specially if you're not included that little bubble of theirs.

Chat Rules:

Common sense is to be used. Don't be passive-aggressive, don't be a dickhead. Have fun. Shitpost if you want, roleplay if you want. That's all. General rules apply.

Ban durations:

1st Ban will last 1 day.

2nd Ban will last 3 days.

3rd Ban will last 1 week.

4th Ban will last forever.

Do note that, although this is the main way to deal with an offense, the ban duration can be infinite depending whetever or not the intentions were clear and the user was clearly not going to change their ways.

Another note: The rules are new and freshly made. Due to this, changes are to be made eventually, ranging from adding or removing rules, should valid points be made in favor or against a rule.